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The Benefits of Our Metabolic Health Initiative

How can you benefit from our metabolic health initiative

Some time has passed since we first introduced you to our Metabolic Health Initiative (MHI). The new year is fast approaching, so we wanted to review the benefits of our Metabolic Health Initiative so you can get a jump start on those 2022 goals. What is the Metabolic Health Initiative? Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) … Read more

Healthy Eating, Healthier You!

Healthy eating in the new year

If one of your resolutions for this year was to eat better, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone in feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there and not knowing where to start, so you just don’t. Making changes to the things we normally consume is challenging in itself. Healthy eating doesn’t have to … Read more

New Year, Healthy Heart!

New Year, Healthy Heart!

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally. While it’s important to detect CVDs disease early, it’s also essential to know your risk. With the start of a new year, there are renewed opportunities to maintain a healthy heart. Cardiovascular Disease The World Health Organization (WHO) states that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a … Read more

Liver & Heart Disease—What’s the Link?

Liver disease and heart disease- What's the link_

It’s not uncommon for health conditions to overlap; read our latest blog on liver and heart disease to see what the link between the 2 is! According to the American Heart Association, about 25% of adults worldwide experience an accumulation of fat buildup in their liver. This buildup is referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver … Read more

Fatty Liver Disease: Am I At Risk?

Fatty Liver Disease: Am I at Risk?

Fatty liver disease is a condition caused by the storage of extra fat in the liver. While most people have no symptoms, it can lead to liver damage in some cases. Determining if you’re at risk for fatty liver disease begins with knowing exactly what the risk factors are. Fat Accumulation in the Liver Non-alcoholic … Read more

Healthy Metabolism: Beyond Diet and Exercise

Healthy Metabolism

Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical reactions in your body. These chemical reactions keep your body alive and functioning and are considered the holy grail of weight loss. But your metabolism is responsible for more than just burning fat. It helps with breathing, blood circulation, body temperature control, digesting food, and other … Read more

Young Adults-Pay Attention to Hypertension

Young Adults-Pay Attention to Hypertension

Living by the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” has become the norm for young adults. Allowing silent killers such as hypertension, or high blood pressure, to slip through the cracks undetected, but at what cost? Learn more in our blog about why healthy young adults should pay attention to hypertension because in an … Read more

What is a Fibroscan | Testing Preparation, Procedure and Results

So what's a fibroscan anyway?

As a part of our metabolic health initiative (MHI) here at Synergy Healthcare, we offer FREE fibroscans for adults at risk of developing liver disease. So, what’s a fibroscan anyway? This simple test provides many benefits to you and your health. Here’s what makes this technology such a valuable healthcare tool. Transient Elastography FDA-approved transient … Read more

NASH: The Related Risks

NASH: The Related Risks

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a more severe form of fatty liver disease. It can progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure without treatment. The road to NASH is a long one. Many are unaware of the danger because symptoms typically will not manifest until the later stages. Various risks related to fatty liver disease … Read more

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