Liver Health

Maintaining liver health is crucial for overall well-being, as the liver performs essential functions such as detoxification, metabolism, and synthesis of proteins.

Current Trials

Current clinical trials investigate innovative therapies and interventions across a wide range of medical conditions, aiming to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

For Patients

Patients are at the heart of healthcare, driving the need for compassionate, personalized medical care that considers their unique needs and preferences.

For Providers

Our provider referral program aims to enhance patient access to quality healthcare by connecting them with trusted specialists and healthcare facilities tailored to their specific needs.

Synergy Healthcare - Clinical Trials in Bradenton, FL

Synergy Healthcare

Synergy Healthcare is a leading clinical research center. Through clinical research trials, Synergy Healthcare is helping to develop safer and more effective medical therapies for diseases that affect the lives of millions of individuals. With improved medications and treatments, we can improve the health of millions.



Participating in a clinical trial to learn more about your condition, gain access to new treatments, and contribute to the advancement of medicine.
Physicians - Synergy Healthcare


Bring clinical trials to your practice today. The Synergy team identifies clinical studies that fit your patient population and provide the infrastructure to conduct them in your office.
CROs and Sponsors - Synergy Healthcare

CROs and Sponsors

Enroll the ideal patients in your clinical studies faster with Synergy. Cut down the time for important metrics like “first patient, first visit” and “first patient randomized”.

Synergy’s Liver Health Center is increasing awareness of Fatty Liver Disease and Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which can lead to liver failure. Through diagnosis, education and promotion of targeted treatments including potential treatment through clinical trials, the Liver Health Center seeks to promote liver health as well as overall health.

Schedule a Fibroscan

FibroScan® is a noninvasive diagnostic ultrasound-based device used to measure liver scarring, or fibrosis, caused by different liver diseases. Similar to a conventional ultrasound exam, outpatient FibroScan® testing is quick, painless and easy, and provides a non-surgical alternative to the traditional liver biopsy to assess liver damage.

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