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Physicians and health systems are hesitant to engage in clinical research due to their respective lack of resources and infrastructure. Synergy changes all of that. Our processes and technology enable any medical practice to become a viable research site virtually overnight.

Why Synergy Healthcare?

Access to novel treatment options for your patients

The ability to market your practice as a cutting-edge research site

Eliminate infrastructure costs of developing a clinical research

Add profits from Clinical Research to your practice’s bottom line

Provider resources
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More options for your patients

The Synergy team identifies clinical studies for your practice that correlates to your patient population and their specific diseases and conditions. We then provide the infrastructure to conduct them in your office.

With Synergy, you are able offer your patients access to treatments and therapy they would not have had otherwise, all under your direct care and supervision.

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New Stream of Revenue

While many physicians are aware of the lucrative opportunities available by becoming investigators in clinical studies, many avoid them due to operational burdens. Synergy can get you started today with our processes and technology that ease the burden of physicians looking to conduct clinical research in their practices.

Synergy’s approach redefines the clinical trial process. By identifying patients for studies within our partner physicians database, and then providing our physicians with the expert personnel, proven processes, and the relevant technology needed, we are laying the groundwork for a clinical trial network that will ultimately reduce the amount of time that it takes to get a new drug to market.

  • Who We Are: Synergy Healthcare, experts in clinical research, focusing on Metabolic & Cardiovascular Disease.
    Providing patients with education, treatment options, and free health screenings.
  • Why Partner with Us:
    - Early detection of Fatty Liver Disease/NASH Improve the level of care for your patients
    - Advanced imaging & diagnostic testing
    - No additional patient care responsibilities
    - Access to emerging treatment options for your patients
  • Easy Steps:
    - Sign-Up
    - Refer Patients
    - Enjoy the benefits
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