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Fibroscan: Your Liver May Depend on It

Fibroscan: Your Liver May Depend on it

Liver disease is often silent, progressively damaging your liver over many years without a person knowing. The fibroscan procedure changes that by bringing your liver health into the light in an easy, fast, and painless way. At Synergy Healthcare, a FREE fibroscan is a part of our Metabolic Health Initiative. Here’s why your liver may … Read more

What is a Fibroscan | Testing Preparation, Procedure and Results

So what's a fibroscan anyway?

As a part of our metabolic health initiative (MHI) here at Synergy Healthcare, we offer FREE fibroscans for adults at risk of developing liver disease. So, what’s a fibroscan anyway? This simple test provides many benefits to you and your health. Here’s what makes this technology such a valuable healthcare tool. Transient Elastography FDA-approved transient … Read more

The Ultimate Fatty Liver Diet

the ultimate fatty liver diet

Dietary changes are the first line of defense for NAFLD; read our blog for the ultimate fatty liver guide on food dos and don’ts! A Healthy Life for a Healthy Liver  One of the most common causes of liver disease in the United States is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition caused by excess … Read more

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