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COVID Clinical Trials Continue

COVID Clinical Trials Continue

Lockdowns, limited outings, and family separations due to COVID-19 seemingly grow further and further away in the rearview mirror of this pandemic. The future is bright, for sure, though there is more work to do before we can say it’s over. Thanks to science and research, normalcy is returning and steadily spreading across the globe. … Read more

Make History by Participating in COVID Trials

Make history by participating in COVID trials

The arrival of the novel coronavirus disease as a global pandemic last year should be a clear reminder of the importance of research to better understand how to prevent and treat disease. After all, without scientific research and clinical trial evaluation, none of the therapies in use today would exist. With the approval of every new therapy … Read more

Benefits of COVID-19 Treatment Trials

  Most people who get COVID-19 can recover at home by resting, staying hydrated, and taking medications for fever, aches, and pains. For patients at risk of severe symptoms or are hospitalized due to COVID-19, the FDA has authorized therapies to help curb the virus. Researchers continue developing more effective options. Those with the virus symptoms play … Read more

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