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Make History by Participating in COVID Trials

The arrival of the novel coronavirus disease as a global pandemic last year should be a clear reminder of the importance of research to better understand how to prevent and treat disease. After all, without scientific research and clinical trial evaluation, none of the therapies in use today would exist. With the approval of every new therapy and bits of knowledge gained, individuals make history by participating in COVID-19 trials.

The Impacts of Research on COVID-19

In the beginning, research helps us learn more about the virus. The information becomes the tools scientists and researchers need to design potential ways to detect, treat, and prevent COVID-19. Clinical research trials are the gold standard and the fastest and most rigorous way to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of potential new therapies. Through the collaboration of individuals participating in clinical trials, the data necessary for FDA approval is compiled. This data is also essential in determining conditional public use under an Emergency Use Authorization while the trial process is completed.

A little over a year after COVID-19’s emergence, over 300 million people have received a vaccination to prevent the virus. In addition, we’ve significantly reduced infection and mortality rates. The future is bright as returning to normalcy transitions from hope to reality. While the world picks up the pieces and moves on, clinical research marches on with a lot to accomplish. Continuing efforts are focused on multiple areas to include:

  • Complete trial process necessary to move therapies from emergency use to full FDA approval
  • Evaluate potential new options still in the pipeline for COVID-19
  • Assessing the long-term effects of the virus on health, social, economic, etc.
  • Determine the longevity in the effectiveness of each vaccine

Ongoing COVID-19 Trials at Synergy Healthcare

Individuals participating in clinical research trials make advances in medicine possible! As research is essential in ending COVID-19, so too is the need for more people willing to join trials and carve their names into the history books.

Make a lasting impact in the medical community

Synergy Healthcare has ongoing clinical trials for vaccines, investigational treatments, and other prevention resources. Healthy participants and those with symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19 are needed. Join the fight and make medical history today! To learn more, call us at (941) 896-4968, or stop by our website.

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