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Spread Kindness in a New Way: Volunteer for Clinical Trials

Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK Day) begins February 17th and continues the rest of the month. RAK Day is a global mission with one purpose—to make the world kinder: one action and one person at a time. Here at Synergy Healthcare, we believe there is no greater gift than the gift of health. This month, we encourage you to spread kindness in a new way as a volunteer for clinical trials.

Perform acts of kindness

RAK Through Research

At any given time, scientists and researchers work to find treatments to improve the lives of individuals living with the many conditions that exist in our world. In some cases, there are treatments available, but not everyone can benefit from them due to age, co-existing conditions, and other factors. On the other hand, some conditions have no specific treatments available. As researchers work to fill those gaps and develop new therapies, clinical research studies help ensure the potential new options are safe and effective in the human body.

Through partnerships with healthy individuals and patient volunteers with the study-specific condition, research studies help bring safer and more effective treatments closer to those who need them most.

Become a RAKtivist and Spread Kindness as a Research Volunteer!

Volunteering in research studies is an act of kindness that never diminishes. How? Because helping to advance medicine means a healthier future generation after generation. After all, kindness restores hope, and hope makes people happy. Anyone can spread kindness this month as a RAKtivist kindness ambassador. Acts of kindness aren’t measured by cost or size, so there are endless opportunities to #makekindnessthenorm. For inspiration, visit the RAK website for weekly themes and other ideas.

Make a difference in your community

To learn more about participating in research or enrolling studies here at Synergy Healthcare, call us at (941) 896-4948 or visit our website today!


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