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Managing Diabetes is Getting Easier. Here’s Why.

A diabetes treatment plan simultaneously manages diet, blood sugar monitoring, exercise, and medications. When you add in taking care of family, work, and spending time with loved ones, it can be overwhelming. Recent advances in care options are making managing diabetes more manageable. Ultimately, by reducing the burden on patients, you also break down more barriers preventing individuals from seeking help.

Say it with us: I am greater than my highs and lows

Overview of Options for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes treatments have come a long way. Over the years, our knowledge of how it develops and its effects on the body has grown tremendously. This has opened the door for more treatment options, and it also helps develop these options to be more targeted and effective. Advances in technology have added to the convenience of these methods:

  • Insulin Pumps: If you need multiple insulin injections per day, computerized insulin pumps come in a smaller size (like a stack of cards). The pumps test the glucose levels and deliver doses when needed just under the skin.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM): CGMs are small sensors attached to the skin’s surface that continually take your glucose readings at set intervals or on-demand. A record is kept, and most will sync to your smartphone and can be easily given to your doctor. They will also notify you if your glucose levels are getting too high or low.  
  • Insulin: Insulin now comes in rapid-acting, long-lasting, and premixed formulas. Each has various delivery methods, such as syringes, pumps, and pens for convenience.
  • Oral Medications: Available medications target lowering blood sugar levels, along with other areas to help make it easier to manage diabetes:
    • Keep appetite controlled
    • Enhance insulin production
    • Help your body to use insulin more effectively
    • Slows digestion
Diabetes control

Lifestyle Changes and Future Treatments

Healthier lifestyle changes are the first line of managing diabetes that typically begins before any treatments. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight and target blood glucose levels. You can learn about additional tools and resources diabetes education specialists recommend on this website.

Be a part of diabetes research

Clinical research and trials are integral in advancing care options for chronic conditions like diabetes. By participating in research studies, people with diabetes can also join the efforts to improve how we treat this condition. Visit our website or call us at (941) 896-4948 to learn more about participating in our enrolling type 2 diabetes studies here at Synergy Healthcare today!


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