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COVID Clinical Trials Continue

Lockdowns, limited outings, and family separations due to COVID-19 seemingly grow further and further away in the rearview mirror of this pandemic. The future is bright, for sure, though there is more work to do before we can say it’s over. Thanks to science and research, normalcy is returning and steadily spreading across the globe. COVID clinical trials continue in the meantime, and they are as important as ever in the anchoring stages of the race to end COVID-19.

Monitoring Effectiveness of Vaccines

Even though most of the country is open, continuing clinical trials are vital for many reasons. One of those reasons is efficacy monitoring of available vaccines. While thousands of trial volunteers contributed to the original projections, additional study data and market surveillance add to the overall picture.

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Continuing study data allows us to understand how safe and effective vaccines are in different age groups such as children and teens. As more and more people get vaccinated, we also learn more about:

  • The safety and effectiveness in populations not captured in trials
  • The longevity of each vaccine and if boosters are needed
  • Protection against variants of COVID-19

Developing New Preventions and Therapies

There is still only one FDA-approved COVD-19 therapy. However, multiple others are in use through emergency use authorizations granted by the FDA until the conclusion of their remaining clinical trial phases. Remdesivir is a breakthrough treatment for individuals hospitalized for severe symptoms. Potential new options to address other treatment groups and prevent transmission are another focus of ongoing research efforts currently under evaluation in clinical trials.

By continuing clinical trials, we can add more treatment and prevention options for COVID-19. It also helps us finish gathering the remaining data required for FDA approval. Lastly, research is vital in their identification and finding out whether existing treatments help or if we need to develop new ones when it comes to variants.  

Learning All We Can About COVID-19T

The vaccines and therapies in use today for COVID-19 are only possible through the dedicated work of thousands of individuals and those who volunteer to take part in the research. If you are passionate about advancing medicine and see how critical these studies are to our general health and well-being, consider participating in a local research trial. There are trials for everything, from new medications to behavioral therapies. Though time commitments vary with each study, Synergy Healthcare provides qualified participants reimbursement for time and travel.

Yes we can COVID-19

Enrolling in a clinical trial helps increase our knowledge of COVID-19, and that information could lead to breakthrough treatments and cures. See how you can get involved today! Call us at (941) 896-4948 or view enrolling studies on our website.

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