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The Ultimate Fatty Liver Diet

Dietary changes are the first line of defense for NAFLD; read our blog for the ultimate fatty liver guide on food dos and don’ts!

A Healthy Life for a Healthy Liver 

One of the most common causes of liver disease in the United States is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition caused by excess fat in the liver. However, NAFLD is more common among individuals combating other health conditions such as obesity and obesity-related conditions, including type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle modification is a vital aspect of both fatty liver prevention and fatty liver treatment.

Beneficial Foods for NAFLD

Appropriately implemented calorie-restricted diets are associated with the mobilization of liver fat, which assists in reducing cardiovascular risks—the leading cause of death for NAFLD patients. Incorporating liver-friendly foods like the ones below can help reduce the effects caused by NAFLD:

  1. Coffee – Research shows that drinking coffee can help lessen the risk of developing fatty liver disease by approximately 20%. Coffee can also lower the risk of death due to liver disease by as much as 49%. We do advise you avoid the addition of sugars and artificial creamers.
  2. Garlic – Providing positive results, garlic is a beneficial addition to NAFLD patients. In 2020, the National Library of Medicine conducted a trial in which fatty liver patients were given 800mg of garlic powder a day for 15 days consecutively. The results indicated hepatic steatosis, liver enzymes, lipid profiles, and fasting blood sugar improvement.
  3. Oily Fish – Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, and tuna are all fantastic sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in reducing the levels of fat in the liver as well as lessening inflammation.

The Mediterranean Diet for Fatty Liver 

Could the Mediterranean diet be the ultimate fatty liver diet? You will often stumble upon the Mediterranean diet when researching diet plans for fatty liver disease. This diet is centered mainly around consuming eggs, fruits, fish, healthy fats and oils, herbs, nuts, seeds, and spices. Olive oil is the primary source of dietary fat in this diet plan as it’s a great source of vitamin E, known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions. Many of the individual foods included in this meal plan have proven beneficial for preventing and treating NAFLD. A study on 548 fatty liver patients demonstrated that higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet aided NAFLD prevention. 

Photo of foods included in the Mediterranean diet.

Not All Food is Fatty Liver Friendly – What to Avoid 

Incorporating liver-friendly foods into your daily diet is a great base, but your foundation will remain rocky if you don’t minimize the intake of certain problematic foods. Here’s a list of foods to avoid to best manage NAFLD: 

  • Fried and salty foods – spices and herbs are an excellent substitute for salt
  • High fatty meats such as bacon and sausage; instead, try to eat lean meats or, better yet, oily fish.
  • Refined grains – producers remove fiber from these processed grains, raising blood sugar levels. Another option can be potatoes or whole wheat.
  • Sugar – avoiding sugary carbs, fructose, and syrup can reduce fat buildup in the liver.

Since there are currently no medications to directly target fat in the liver, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle is invaluable to your liver health. The ultimate fatty liver diet is one that can follow you for years!

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