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Benefits of COVID-19 Treatment Trials


Most people who get COVID-19 can recover at home by resting, staying hydrated, and taking medications for fever, aches, and pains. For patients at risk of severe symptoms or are hospitalized due to COVID-19, the FDA has authorized therapies to help curb the virus. Researchers continue developing more effective options. Those with the virus symptoms play a vital role in this process as research volunteers. Advancing medicine is just one of the many benefits of participating in COVID-19 treatment trials.

COVID positive individuals

COVID-19 Treatment Area Focuses

COVID-19 therapies being studied seek to address the varying levels of severity in which the virus affects people. They fall into two general categories:

  • Antivirals: Prevent the virus from multiplying.
  • Immune modulators: Help your immune system fight the virus, or help the immune system fight it. They also help prevent your immune system from overacting and creating a dangerous reaction.

Nine treatments are currently authorized for emergency use, and one has full FDA approval. Older medications typically used to treat other conditions are also being tested to see their effectiveness against COVID-19.


Clinical research studies evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new therapies as they interact with the human body. Without volunteers participating in clinical trials, medical advances would not be possible. COVID-19 is a new virus, and we are still learning so much about it. This knowledge is used to design more effective therapies to treat COVID-19.

Don't be negative about a positive COVID diagnosis, clinical research

The volunteers participating in research studies become a part of history in the fight to end COVID-19. Other benefits include:

  • Receiving study-related care at no cost, no insurance required
  • Gaining potential access to investigational COVID-19 treatment options that may help you recover
  • You may receive compensation for time and travel

If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, research studies here at Synergy Healthcare may be an option. To learn more, call (941) 269-3655 or visit our website.



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